Thursday, 19 April 2012

Textures: Cha Jong-Rye

Lately I've moved on from Instragram to Pinterest which is a virtual mood board that you can pin images and videos on. Pretty handy when on the move, if you come across something you like you can just pin it and voila!

These images below are of Cha Jong-Rye. The hard wood fools the eye as the surface texture looks ever so soft, almost as if its a ruched piece of silk.

Pinned Image

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MARNI Furniture

Apologies for the absence as for the past few weeks I've been visiting a blurry land of my own. Easter break was supposed to help me catch up on everything I've been falling back on but didn't quite happen.

Reality check, now classes have started again I'm beginning to worry about the new trendsetting project we have been assigned. This final project should be a breath of fresh air as its a collaboration with weave and print students.

Whilst researching, came across the MARNI furniture collection that was displayed at the Milan Furniture Fair. It consisted of (limited edition) 80 chairs, 10 deckchairs, 10 tables which were all handmade. A successful collaboration with the charity Columbian Craftsmen unlike the one with H&M in my personal opinion.  

Love how the Marni have put simplicity and colour together on these pieces.




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