Friday, 29 July 2011

Julian Roberts: Subtraction Pattern Cutting

This post is a bit late, however picture heavy so do enjoy!

Julian Roberts held a subtraction pattern cutting class at Winchester School of Art as part of Winchester Fashion Week. Being the enthusiast I am, I went along with a six meters of fabric and a sharp pair of shears.
The morning consisted of a talk and a live demo which was fascinating to watch. I was surprised how down to earth he was. I am not the greatest at explaining but here is my view of subtraction pattern cutting.

Live demonstration at the front of the lecture theatre. He used 3 metres of black and 3 metres of white cotton which to begin with looked like a duvet cover.

After a few holes and stitches came about this garment. What I admired most was he didn't know what he was making or what to expect the dress to look like.
My turn in the afternoon workshop. All I had to do was place the front and back block anywhere onto the sheets and cut the top layer. In the picture is the negative space that I have cut out of the top layer. Which then I joined up at the shoulders and side seams.

After 3 corresponding circles and stitching, I came to this result. Thank you Nicola for trying it on.
It was surprising how the garment looked depending on which sequence of holes I put it through. I'll upload videos later on to explain this properly as it may not make any sense at all.
Back view

subtraction dresses all hung in the middle of the studio
Bird's eye view of all the garments we all made under 2 hours. I didn't think too deep into my creation so it took around 45-50 minutes to complete it.

Another image of my garment

With the genius himself. Julian Roberts and I.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Project

Went shopping with my mother and darling sisters after a long time today. Things weren't great to begin with as we were stuck in a major traffic jam due to roadworks i.e. journey of 15mins took an hour.

I picked up a high street bargain yet again... £15 on sale at New Look. Every detail on these shoes have typical High Street literally all over it however I still bought it with something else in mind.

Leftover vodka, fine sand paper, crappy old brush and a tube of black acrylic paint worked magic in the afternoon.

I painted it all one colour which got rid of the tacky partition it had on the wedges. High street Upgrade at no cost.

Nice and neat. My hands were a different story though.

Easy task done under an hour as the paint dries fairly quickly. Make sure to do at least two coats for longer, better lasting results!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Richard Nicoll pre fall 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012

Sweet And Effortless
Inspiring as seams highlight shapes and structure of the body beautifully.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mighty Flash of inspiriation: Wayne Hemingway

Finished work around seven last night then popped into nice dress and did a quick fix in fifteen minutes to get going to the event. Luckily it was in the same building so didn't have to go too far.

I didn't know what to expect nevertheless felt excited by the commotion of the crowd present there. I only got one ticket meaning I didn't know anyone (otherwise Gayle I would have asked you to accompany me). As always, got talking with a few and met a lovely aspiring journalist who is also helping out with the Winchester fashion week.

The room was not small but cosy and when He began talking I was hooked on to every word. I wish I could share the experience with you all but I just can't describe it. You kind of had to be there to understand.

His talk was the launch of the whole fashion week event and I must say it was a success! Have high hopes for the coming week now and I'm sure all those designers, artists, photographers, journalists and other creative people who sat in the room would agree too.

Must say I was a tired but very inspired girl by the time I crawled into bed.

For those who have no idea who he is, He made it as a designer, architect and organised the Vintage festival last year.

He began from the very beginning. Why he owns vintage...well he was the first to sell and make big money back in the days.
Erm haha I was slightly too happy...a picture with the political designer.

Lovely head wear (can't remember the name of the designer) and dresses were by Mark Fast. Oh yes he is part of the event too. His garments will be present at the fashion show and the pop-up shops in the Brooks shopping centre.

Monday, 18 July 2011

ANJA RUBIK'S WEDDING! (by The Guest Writer)

This weekend Anja Rubik (my favourite model) got married and she wore a dress by Pucci's Peter Dundas. Scroll down for the photos!

Anja Rubik Sasha Knezevic wedding

Source: Stylefrizz

Does she look nice or what?!? (Sasha is a lucky man...and she is a lucky woman!)
If you want to see photos of this couple together click on this link: ANJA AND SASHA!
I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!
     The Guest Writer

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Red Dress

Sorry the pictures aren't that great as my father has taken my camera with him to a trekking trip. Had to make do with the BB cam insted.

OPI - Steady as she rose, from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.
Soft pastel shades. Not sure which shade Lorna is wearing.

Perfect dress wearable from day to night. Zara £40. Had to take in a few inches on the waist for Lorna as it was a bit too loose. Doesn't she just look adorable... Thick heavy jersey fabric perfect for any time of the year in my opinion.  

Friday, 15 July 2011

Long skirts

It was her birthday last week..a couple of days before mine. Me being a bit more hands on, made this jersey long skirt for her. Perfect for the summer following the bright craze this season. Love how she has chosen to style it and definitely not something I could pull off. Glad you love it Lizzie x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ANJA AND SASHA! (by The Guest Writer)

On my first post as The Guest Writer I wrote a list of my favourite models- Anja being number 1. Therefore, I am very excited about her wedding to fellow model Sasha Knezevic that is taking place soon. Basically, I have dedicated this post to this amazing couple...

Anja and Sasha for Vogue Germany

At the amfAR gala (09)

Gap Holiday (08)

 These two are the faces of the perfume 'Energizing' by DKNY (for men and women) 

Sasha and Anja at the DKNY perfume launch

Vogue Germany

Anja and Sasha for Vogue Russia

'Fashion Magazine Poland'

Anja and Sasha for Russian Glamour

Vogue Russia

Pani Magazine


I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!
     The Guest Writer.


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