Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Time off..

Ever since classes ended I have found it difficult to find the motivation to really get into any form of creativeness between long hours at work. July was packed with various celebrations including a fancy dress party which was fairly interesting and August was hectic as I flew back home to nepal for three weeks.

Overall my hours this summer were mostly spent at work as I am trying to save up £££ for my final major project.

Lately I've been inspired and touched by truly unexpected subjects. Below are two..  

Deserts. Vanilla cheesecake with caramelised strawberries. Very haute couture or what? I need to learn to bake such intricate edible deserts!!

There was an exhibition on at The Great Hall in Winchester by the Mouth and Foot painters. They are painters who basically paint using their mouth or foot due to some form of disability. I feel lucky to have witnessed an artist at work on the day. It was overwhelming and it made me realise nothing is impossible when you are dedicated to something love!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


My parents threw me a lovely 21st birthday party a few weeks ago where most of my friends and relatives were present. It was a hectic night but my father managed to take some lovely pictures so thanks dad!

One of many bouquets of pink roses from the evening placed next to the cake made by my lovely sisters.

Making a wish at midnight with all my loved ones...
Up in the air... was beautiful to watch five lanterns one after the other...
Feeling the sisterly love with my two cousins after the cake cutting i.e. everyone smeared cake all over my face. The jumpsuit I wore was from Zara, very minimal alongside a pair of very minimal black suede heels with a gold ankle clasp from River Island.

Past month has been very busy hence the lack of posts! Cannot believe it is now august, however I am looking forward to the coming few weeks as I will be flying to the other side of the world to visit the rest of my family in Nepal. Should be a nice break from long hour shifts and various projects.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too x


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