Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gabriel's Wharf

Last week I travelled to London everyday as I was working at the BFI Southbank (samsung digital art exhibition) for a week. It was fun, inspiring but very tiring!! During my short lunch breaks I decided to explore southbank a bit more so I took walks to see what there was to see. 

In this particular shop you can actually watch the designers at work and see the jewellery being made as they have a workspace inside.

This is part of the OXO Tower building which is filled with design studios, project space, gallery and plenty of paces to dine. Its a great place for unique contemporary pieces may it be jewellery or furbishing. However the best part is the restaurant and the viewing gallery on the top floor that lets you over look the Thames.  

In the balcony of the top floor...This place must be packed in the summer no doubt

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Come close... closer... even closer!
How long will this hindrance last?
If you are me and I am you,
What is this separation between you and me?
We are the light of God, we are God‛s mirror.
So why do we struggle with ourselves and with one another?
Why does one light escape from another?
Come, release yourself from this ego.
Live in harmony with everyone;
Be friendly with everyone.
If you are by yourself,
You are only one drop, one speck;
Whereas when you bond and unite with everyone,
You are an ocean, you are an ore.
There are many languages but all are the same meaning.
Water in different cups becomes one when the cups are broken and they run as one.

- Hz. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

Inspiration for the next knit and jersey project. Religion and Politics are the main cause of war and death. Something I feel far more passionate about then the environment so it shall be my focus on the 'Make A Change' project we have been set.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Versace's newest muse. Cindy Crawford's 10 year old daughter looks better than the cruise collection by Versace that came out on the 19th January for H&M was a flop in my view as everything was too playful and last minute.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Corpse Bride: Final Outfit

Semester one is officially over once I hand this project in coming Thursday. It took almost two hours to capture the perfect picture and an ironic fact : simple poses always work far better for some reason. Whole theme of the project was liberation so I was going for an airy look. The silk chiffon I'm using is from Goldhawk road. It looks very delicate and is divine on the skin. 
My final outfit consisted of two garments and one accessory. It was an avant-garde project which I'm not totally comfortable with so I decided to play with textures and fabric manipulation a bit more to see what I could achieve.

The pleating was time consuming so in future I think I will send it of to be pleated rather then steaming my face for over an hour. It was also very complicated to match up the seams on both sides especially with the zip too. However the worst section was the shoulders which took me more then two days to line up. Mostly because it was one piece of fabric which had to be forced into awkward angles. Overall I'm happy with the outcome and finally felt relief on Thursday morning once my critical review was over.

Next project is all about CHANGE. Have absolutely no idea what to do so need to switch to 'thinking' mode and come up with an inspiring idea.

Thank You Lorna for coming all the way from Bournemouth, much love x 

Miss MacLeod

I'm sorry Lorna but I adore these photos from the test shots.

Shoes: Topshop

Monday, 9 January 2012


Back on New Year's Eve we spent the afternoon in our family living room taking pictures in our traditional Nepali clothing. My father and I have been planning on buying a back drop for over a year but never got around to it. Instead we pinned a bed sheet to a mop stick and got my cousin to hold it up from behind for the entire session. Pictures came out well of the whole family. I absolutely love these ones of my mother so thought I'd post it here to share it with you all. Her blouse is made from the traditional 'dhaka' fabric I was talking about in a previous shoe post. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

On the Equator

These images are taken by an inspiring figure, an older sister that I met back in 2010. She travels all over the world due to her work some pleasant others not very. I picked my favourite images from her recent trip to Kenya and posted it here as they are truly wonderful. Especially the traditional attires worn by the women, gives me more reasons to fall in love with those electric colours. Savi sis missing you a lot and also congratulations on your promotion *_* 

It's a tough life for a woman to be in the military, however every job has it perks. In this case its a pathway to roam around the world even if it is heavy responsibilities you carry.


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