Monday, 28 February 2011

Lee Alexander McQueen: A year on

This time last year everyone was still mourning the loss of McQueen as he hung himself after a large dose of pills and cocaine on the 11th February. Sarah Burton, the new creative director has so far kept up with the name. However the collections are a lot 'softer' then the label is used to. For all of you that worship McQueen I recommend you to watch this documentary on 4oD. It's called McQueen and I, click n watch but do it soon as its only available for a short period of time. Documentary features life of McQueen, his time at Givenchy and Gucci and every other ongoing scene that took place. Also highlights the life of Isabella Blow, who 'found' many designers like Julien Mcdonald, Philip Treacy and McQueen himself. ENJOY!   

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday treats for the old being

Automatic or self-winding watches are mechanical watches built with automatically winding mainspring (piece of metal that power sources the mechanism) by the natural motion of the wearer's arm. In simple terms, Automatic watches run for life and they never need battery power. However it needs to be on an arm or shaken time to time for the mechanism to stay alive. My DKNY is a quartz, which basically means its battery powered. Normally batteries on watches last from 2-5 years. Haha you are probably wondering why I am talking about watches right? Well Well Well, yesterday 26/02/11, my father turned 42 and boy he got a big treat. My middle sister made him a cake or two. Haha Asma if your reading this, KEEP WORKING ON THE BROWNIES as they are meant to be harder than sponge cakes hahaha. 
More of a bigger treat was form my darling mother, she gifted him a  TAG Heuer  automatic watch. One of the latest automatic aquaracer models from the spring 2011 collection costing £1,175. I swear she spent 101% more on him then me! Never mind as the watch is a beauty to look at, not to mention I spent a good hour choosing the colours and chains. Thought you might like to see some pictures of it whilst its still in the box and brand new with no scratches!   

Yes, He signed up to be an Ambassador just earlier this afternoon.

Its heavier then it looks because there is a fat mechanism underneath that pretty surface

I bet the packaging costs atleast 10% of the price.

First of them all

Sorry guys haven't posted for a week. Lets just say I was slightly caught up by a lot of things last week, was hell of a emotional ride I must say! 
Did I mention any thing about Premier Vision Paris? It's an event held every year based for the world of fashion and textiles. Beneficial for buyers to grab the latest fabrics and as for people like myself, to see, feel and predict what might be the hottest fabrics, prints and trends for the next few coming seasons. It was my first experience and I now definitely know what to do and not to do on my next visit. The stalls don't like students at all as they know we cannot afford to buy fabrics on the same level as industries. Hearing this from others who had visited before, I walked around pretending to be a private buyer, well I sort of am I guess! Haha, So after a whole day of bluffing and talking big, I blagged free fabric samples from many companies. Mostly Italian silk companies based in Como, Italy as I am researching silks at the moment. The first sample delivery arrived mid-week last week and they are lush!!!

Tips for those that are going to places or events like this:
  • Make a business card. 'Name Card' as they ask. Your status suddenly rises to the top thanks to a piece of card with your name and address. More professional I guess.
  • Wear smart gear. i.e. Nothing that gives away the slight impression that you might be a student.
  • Try to walk around in small groups of two or three or even better if on your own. 
  • Prepare to lie a lot.
  • Act snobbish and never smile if you make contact. They will come straight to your feet to please you. No joke!
  • Pretend to make notes.
  • When talking ask a lot of technical questions to confuse and chase them. e.g. Where are you fabric produced? Are the factories dye friendly? blah blah blah. Sounds silly but they will then realise you are for real and treat you with respect.
  • Be confident but do take breaks and go to a corner to laugh it off. I found it quite funny how students are treated so badly even though we are the next potential buyers.

Oh, here are the pictures of samples, they are form an Italian company and most of their fabrics are vey fine and detailed. Something more for the Hatue Couture world.

Delivery for Ms Subba

Dark Blacks

Feathers, Laser cuts, Gems

Mini Fashionistaz

Handmade, or shall I say hand knitted by Jessica Pemberton for Rubbish magazine. £9.99 from Wacky Wonders or what?

Guess WHO?!?
L - R : Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor and Rolf, Lady GAGA

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Experimenting with Polyvore. Jason Wu inspired collage.
Give it a try, it might be time consuming but very satisfying.

London Fashion Week Day 1 & 2 Quick Review

The shows have begun after a lavish party at No.10 Downing street, hosted by non other then Samantha Cameron herself (in Christopher Kane) for the celebrations of London Fashion Week 2011. She isn't actually going to attend any of the shows however has strong views on fashion and upcoming designers. "We have so much young talent that needs to be supported and nurtured to ensure we are building brands and businesses for the future." - Mrs Cameron.

Day 1, On the catwalk:
  • Paul Costelloe
  • Maria Garchvogel
  • Orla Kiely
  • Jena Theo
  • Caroline Charles
  • Saloni
  • Corrie Nielsen
  • Jean-Pierre Braganza
  • Eun Jeong
  • Aminaka Wilmont
  • Sass & Bide
  • The Rodnik Band
  • Krystof Strozyna
  • Felder Felder
  • bSTORE
  • Bora Aksu
  • PPQ
My personal favourite collection was from Sass & Bide. Best picks in my opinion.

My personal favourite collection was from Sass & Bide. Best picks in my opinion.

Day 2, So far on the catwalk:
    • Daks
    • Craig Lawerence
    • Louise Gray
    • Charles Anastase
    • Betty Jackson
    • Kinder Aggugini
    • Jaeger London
    • Jhon Rocha
    • Issa London
    • House of Holland 
    • Clements Ribeiro
Best looks from Daks. Looks like Midi's are still in for A/W. Not to mention knitwear.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Womenswear: focusing on Trousers

As my new project is based on trousers I began doing general research before starting the project itself. I am inspired by the minimalist, tailored, slim fit look.  

Rodarte Trousers, love the construction

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prabal Gurung A/W 2011-12 New York Fashion Week

PG is the ultimate Nepalese designer, as we all know, has made it big internationally. I just looked through his A/W 12-11 collection shown at NY fashion week and I fell in love mostly with the black n white outfits but also his use of clashing bright colours. Haha mainly blogging for one reason. My little sister, who I swear has learnt all the names of models and celebs, (if only she would focus on her GCSEs coming up more than the gossip columns of all major websites!! take the hint if you are reading this *_*) was sat next to me as I was browsing through PG's collection made a funny comment. Her comment being "ooooH!! He MUST be getting very RICH as Karlie Kloss is on the runway!!! Ha ha ha : )

PG - A/W 11-12

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mademoiselle I ♥♥♥ ur looks

Maricel's looks always inspire me, mostly because its soo girly, however, the gothic romantic type. Its also something I can't pull off at all!
Shoes, both form ALDO, Bag from GUESS, Cape from ASOS, Leather jacket from MISS SELFRIDGE, other items I'm not too sure. leave a comment if you want to know and I can always recheck.  

Jam's looks are more biker/rock chick. Again something I cannot pull of or even think of trying it. LOL. Brave girl.
Items of clothing form Topshop mostly, Leopard print shoes from NEW LOOK. Fur coat from a Vintage stall thanks to my good eye ; )

My turn. Blazer, vintage. Purple bag, MULBERRY. Shoes all from NEW LOOK. Scarf, HERMES. Dresses VERA WANG & PEOPLES TREE. Trench coat, OLD find that I blogged about previously : ) 


Get me on a Metro purleeessseee

On the way to Uni, I dug my hands into the pocket to my modified trench coat only to pull out some dirty tissues and unused metro tickets. Oh, I miss Paris badly! I miss it enough to want to write about it. Like the underground, Paris has the Metro. Personally, I found the metro stations less crowded and larger than the London underground stations. Best thing was probably the fact you get network in every line of the metro. Its all colour coded and numbered unlike the underground which has names instead of numbers. Lets not forget the ticket prices too, for the metro there is a card similar to the oyster cards that you can scan on every journey and top up as the credit runs out. However there is also the choice of buying a pack of 10 metro tickets for 12euros. These are valid one per journey and the changes don't count at all. I thought that was convenient as they never expire either. Better that the travel cards that are on offer here right?
Do I call it lucky or unlucky, the fact my hotel was in the red light area known by the name of Pigalle (pronounced pig-ale)? Unlucky as it was filled with sex shops, parlours, cinemas and many other forms of entertainment. So quite dangerous to walk around unless your with a large group. Girls, french men are absolutely disgusting, esp from this area!!  On the other hand, it was very central so didn't take long to get to any locations. In fact I even managed to get to the new HERMEs store and back before checking out on Friday noon.

Metro ticket. its sooo tiny : )

My hotel was very easy to find thanks to the glowing building next door!

Moulin Rouge. Cabaret show min price 80 euros.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sweet Treats for U n I

Got a sweet tooth? Well I can comfirm excatly why Laduree is such a popular spot in Paris. Infact, its probably the best bakery I have bought from. Well known for it's macaroons in many magical flavours, I had to pay a visit. Lorna, my dear friend turned 20 on valentines day and loves a bit of sweet treats from time to time. I stil remember the days, Lorna, Lizzie and I used to trek around hunting for the perfect places to grab cakes and other treats. If you are living in winchester, Ginger Two is perfect for cold morning and Maison Blanc makes the prettiest (not to mention yummy) cakes, cupcakes, tarts... pretty much everything to make you feel better. Anyway back to the topic of Laduree, I bought a treat for the birrthday girl and for myself too. Thought I might share the pictures with you all.

Different pastel shades for Lorna
Free gift wrapping service. Pretty right?
Suprisingly - done by a man.

This one was for MOI *_*

Was the perfect mix of sweet n sour because of the berries in the centre

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Valentines day to you all from me, Here is a kiss all the way from Paris.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mcfly Mcfly Mcfly

Remember the days when it was all about teen boy bands. Infact do you remember there was just two popular ones. Busted and Mcfly. My opinion: both were just as bad as each other. Mcfly had only one advantage though. I did have a huge crush on Harry Judd (drummer). 
I took the euro star to Paris from London St Pancras and heard some girls giggling and murmuring about Mcfly being on the platform opposiste. Me being the loud mouth, had to state how crap they were, along with Busted. I said a good few sentences to declare my strong feelings to my girlfriends, especially Maricel as she wasn't familiar with them at all. After the first loud 10 minutes on the euro star I began to feel very sorry for the quiet shy guy sat on the window seat next to me. I mean, surely it cannot get any worse than having to sit next to 3 giggly girls who talk non stop about food, make up, clothes and complain all the time?? 
I started talking to him in a civilised manner, and asked him why he was heading to Paris. Only to have him turn around and say "Well, I work for the so called band McFly that you seem to dislike. Will surely pass on the kind feedback." First time in life, I felt soo much EMBARRASSMENT!! OMG haha
He then told us they were on the same train and that we should go meet them. So guess what?? I met them. Main aim was to get a picture of just Harry and I and well here it is.     

Dougie, myself, Harry and Jam

With Maricel


Jason WU addiction, NY fashion week

I just got back from Paris and am eager to post about my days there. However, those of you who know me well, know exactly how much I love Mr WU. His AW 2011-12 collection shown at New York fashion week based on 'opulent elegance with an urban twist' is filled with neatly constructed garments that speak for themselves. Some of the looks from the runway.

A/W 2011-12 Jason Wu
New York fashion week
Whilst on the topic of collections, I was at premiere vision Paris on Thursday the 10th of Feb. I managed to find the stand for Sophie Hallette. Her collections and stock fabrics were on display. Felt amazing to be able to touch the textures and became even more inspired. I did order some samples but they may take up to 5 weeks to arrive through my letter box. You might be wondering who the hell she is right? Well, let me tell you, many designers/design houses, including Wu use her fabrics to make their collections. Some of her clients: 
  • Nina Ricci
  • Elie Saab
  • Oscar de la Renta
  • Chanel
  • Versace
  • Paul smith
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Zac Posen
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Chole
  • Balenciaga and many more...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Looks for you & me baby

Finally the Aubin & Wills ss11 catalogue arrived via post. All the items, I swear, are the same items from last seasons but a different colour palette. However still very attractive to the eye. I've scanned in 5 of my favourite looks form menswear and womenswear. Surprising how fashion has followed the lines of government. Conservative fashion seems to be back again as almost all trends include minimalist tailoring. Is it just me feeling this way or you think the same too?

Mens. Prices listed on Aubin & Wills

Womens. Prices listed on Aubin & Wills

This post is for my friend Maricel who is an expert on make up and styling. Lets not forget an amazing couture designer. If only I could draw like u Cel!! Found these images in a 3000paged book lol.. was really time consuming looking through but thought you might like to see these. Enjoy  

youth revolution

petal lashes

couture but designer's name wasn't there :(

McQueen as you like it a lot

McQueen again.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Monica Vinader, FIJI bracelet has now made it onto my whislist!

Spanish jewellery designer now based in Norfolk. Her jewellery adorned by the likes of Cheryl Cole and Penelope Cruz. Her current collection includes semi precious stones all hand cut and set simply in sterling silver, gold vermeil and 18 carat gold. The beauty of natural stones speak for itself as Vinader's designs are very simple. Monica Vinader was also the 'Jewellery Brand of the Year' award in 2009, hosted by Retail Jeweller magazine. Many leading stores in London, including Liberty's stock her collections. Or Click here to go to her online store.

£95 form Liberty, purchased by Lorna on her last trip to London

So cute right? I need to get one too. For now LORNA I am green with envy haha.

Guess who's the new creative director for PACO RABANNE??

Rabanne took time out from the fashion industry to "pursue other creative endeavors", The last ready-to-wear collection was back in 2006. News is, Indian fashion designer Manish Arora is to be the new creative director for Paco Rabanne's womenswear collection. Arora is internationally recognised fashion designer. You might have seen some of his garments worn not just by Eastern celebs in bollywood but also artists from the west.
We will have to wait till October 2011 to see Arora's first
collection for the house. I definitely cannot wait myself!!

My picks form Rabanne SS06 collection. simplicity at its best alongside structure

Pick n Mix of Arora's collections. Fusion fashion at it's best in my opinion.

Many of you might recognise the dress on the far right. Katy Perry wore it to the MTV awards 08.

M.I.A in Arora. Very brave I must say! Love her style, voice, everything.  

Others in Arora. L-R: Gaga, Alicia Renee, Rihanna and Gaga again.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

David Koma for TOPSHOP

Collection for the Topshop range
 Central Saint Martins graduate Koma shot to fashion fame in 2007 when he won the college's Best Womenswear Collection in 2007. His designs were also worn by Cheryl Cole on several Xfactor evenings. Anyway, news just released Koma is releasing garments for Topshop. Limited edition, only 30 pieces of each garment available. Prices range from £100-£400 and the items go on sale from the 18th Feb!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Trench coats

I need a new trench coat or a mac. Something a bit more glamorous than the collection of quilted jackets and gilets from Joules and Barbour I have managed to fill my wardrobe with. These coats can be found in different lengths but they have all the similarities within them. Long trenches were in since the 1920s, especially for men. Length varies as fashion keeps rotating. This season its back to short mid-thigh length. I got my hands on an old GAP trench coat from about half a decade ago. To make it able for this season I need to shorten it by about 7-8 inches. Below are images of two trenches/macs to show the differences seasons bring.

On the left, Gap trench coat, just about below the knee length. Where as Jack Wills trench is mid thigh for the winter season just gone.
I shall shorten the green trench then post a picture soon.

Cute details at the back with seams. Although I don't quite like the button and hoop. Has a function but looks a tad bit silly.

Bon Voyage

 As the departure date for my short visit to Paris comes closer, I began to think about how much to take with me. Then I thought of what to put all the items of  clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and other items in. The only weekend bag I have is fairly worn out so I thought about buying a new one. However my darling friend Lorna, bought me a few meters of leather form a warehouse she had visited. As always, I began making. Take a look at my new weekend bag. Took 2 days to complete and broke only one needle on my domestic machine.

Cutting the fabric. This time I measured to get accurate results.

Box. haha without the handles/straps

I bought two large silver hoops from a local craft shop for 99p each.

Added a long strap from old bag and the handles I stuffed with old denim.

Hooked in place

Inside of the bag. I placed a card coated in fabric to give more structure to the base.


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