Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prabal Gurung A/W 2011-12 New York Fashion Week

PG is the ultimate Nepalese designer, as we all know, has made it big internationally. I just looked through his A/W 12-11 collection shown at NY fashion week and I fell in love mostly with the black n white outfits but also his use of clashing bright colours. Haha mainly blogging for one reason. My little sister, who I swear has learnt all the names of models and celebs, (if only she would focus on her GCSEs coming up more than the gossip columns of all major websites!! take the hint if you are reading this *_*) was sat next to me as I was browsing through PG's collection made a funny comment. Her comment being "ooooH!! He MUST be getting very RICH as Karlie Kloss is on the runway!!! Ha ha ha : )

PG - A/W 11-12

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