Sunday, 27 February 2011

First of them all

Sorry guys haven't posted for a week. Lets just say I was slightly caught up by a lot of things last week, was hell of a emotional ride I must say! 
Did I mention any thing about Premier Vision Paris? It's an event held every year based for the world of fashion and textiles. Beneficial for buyers to grab the latest fabrics and as for people like myself, to see, feel and predict what might be the hottest fabrics, prints and trends for the next few coming seasons. It was my first experience and I now definitely know what to do and not to do on my next visit. The stalls don't like students at all as they know we cannot afford to buy fabrics on the same level as industries. Hearing this from others who had visited before, I walked around pretending to be a private buyer, well I sort of am I guess! Haha, So after a whole day of bluffing and talking big, I blagged free fabric samples from many companies. Mostly Italian silk companies based in Como, Italy as I am researching silks at the moment. The first sample delivery arrived mid-week last week and they are lush!!!

Tips for those that are going to places or events like this:
  • Make a business card. 'Name Card' as they ask. Your status suddenly rises to the top thanks to a piece of card with your name and address. More professional I guess.
  • Wear smart gear. i.e. Nothing that gives away the slight impression that you might be a student.
  • Try to walk around in small groups of two or three or even better if on your own. 
  • Prepare to lie a lot.
  • Act snobbish and never smile if you make contact. They will come straight to your feet to please you. No joke!
  • Pretend to make notes.
  • When talking ask a lot of technical questions to confuse and chase them. e.g. Where are you fabric produced? Are the factories dye friendly? blah blah blah. Sounds silly but they will then realise you are for real and treat you with respect.
  • Be confident but do take breaks and go to a corner to laugh it off. I found it quite funny how students are treated so badly even though we are the next potential buyers.

Oh, here are the pictures of samples, they are form an Italian company and most of their fabrics are vey fine and detailed. Something more for the Hatue Couture world.

Delivery for Ms Subba

Dark Blacks

Feathers, Laser cuts, Gems


  1. arti! do u think i could have some bits of ur samples if ure ok with it? cos u said u would give me some last time?

  2. a promise is a promise cel :) see u 10am monday? x



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