Friday, 4 February 2011

Trench coats

I need a new trench coat or a mac. Something a bit more glamorous than the collection of quilted jackets and gilets from Joules and Barbour I have managed to fill my wardrobe with. These coats can be found in different lengths but they have all the similarities within them. Long trenches were in since the 1920s, especially for men. Length varies as fashion keeps rotating. This season its back to short mid-thigh length. I got my hands on an old GAP trench coat from about half a decade ago. To make it able for this season I need to shorten it by about 7-8 inches. Below are images of two trenches/macs to show the differences seasons bring.

On the left, Gap trench coat, just about below the knee length. Where as Jack Wills trench is mid thigh for the winter season just gone.
I shall shorten the green trench then post a picture soon.

Cute details at the back with seams. Although I don't quite like the button and hoop. Has a function but looks a tad bit silly.


  1. love the coats! can't wait till u modify it arti! :)

  2. i have modified it and is ready to travel to paris with me. will take a pic when out there n upload it xxx



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