Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Joys of knitting..NOT

Fashion knitwear is hot Hot HOT this season as you might have noticed already. I particularly love the geeky, grandma's knitted jumper look for menswear. Attractive or what?

Anyway, today i went to knit a sample piece myself. However the yarn I picked was too chunky even for the chunky knitting machine, so I had to make do with a finer yarn. I found it fascinating to watch the needles pick up stitches one by one as I dragged the lever from left to right for several hours. Well one hour but it felt like 5. Here is the motion captured through my image.

Needles picking up the stitches and adding on a new line each time the lever is pulled across

All was going very well UNTIL this precise moment. One row decided not to hook up and hung loose.

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