Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday treats for the old being

Automatic or self-winding watches are mechanical watches built with automatically winding mainspring (piece of metal that power sources the mechanism) by the natural motion of the wearer's arm. In simple terms, Automatic watches run for life and they never need battery power. However it needs to be on an arm or shaken time to time for the mechanism to stay alive. My DKNY is a quartz, which basically means its battery powered. Normally batteries on watches last from 2-5 years. Haha you are probably wondering why I am talking about watches right? Well Well Well, yesterday 26/02/11, my father turned 42 and boy he got a big treat. My middle sister made him a cake or two. Haha Asma if your reading this, KEEP WORKING ON THE BROWNIES as they are meant to be harder than sponge cakes hahaha. 
More of a bigger treat was form my darling mother, she gifted him a  TAG Heuer  automatic watch. One of the latest automatic aquaracer models from the spring 2011 collection costing £1,175. I swear she spent 101% more on him then me! Never mind as the watch is a beauty to look at, not to mention I spent a good hour choosing the colours and chains. Thought you might like to see some pictures of it whilst its still in the box and brand new with no scratches!   

Yes, He signed up to be an Ambassador just earlier this afternoon.

Its heavier then it looks because there is a fat mechanism underneath that pretty surface

I bet the packaging costs atleast 10% of the price.

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