Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sweet Treats for U n I

Got a sweet tooth? Well I can comfirm excatly why Laduree is such a popular spot in Paris. Infact, its probably the best bakery I have bought from. Well known for it's macaroons in many magical flavours, I had to pay a visit. Lorna, my dear friend turned 20 on valentines day and loves a bit of sweet treats from time to time. I stil remember the days, Lorna, Lizzie and I used to trek around hunting for the perfect places to grab cakes and other treats. If you are living in winchester, Ginger Two is perfect for cold morning and Maison Blanc makes the prettiest (not to mention yummy) cakes, cupcakes, tarts... pretty much everything to make you feel better. Anyway back to the topic of Laduree, I bought a treat for the birrthday girl and for myself too. Thought I might share the pictures with you all.

Different pastel shades for Lorna
Free gift wrapping service. Pretty right?
Suprisingly - done by a man.

This one was for MOI *_*

Was the perfect mix of sweet n sour because of the berries in the centre

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