Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Get me on a Metro purleeessseee

On the way to Uni, I dug my hands into the pocket to my modified trench coat only to pull out some dirty tissues and unused metro tickets. Oh, I miss Paris badly! I miss it enough to want to write about it. Like the underground, Paris has the Metro. Personally, I found the metro stations less crowded and larger than the London underground stations. Best thing was probably the fact you get network in every line of the metro. Its all colour coded and numbered unlike the underground which has names instead of numbers. Lets not forget the ticket prices too, for the metro there is a card similar to the oyster cards that you can scan on every journey and top up as the credit runs out. However there is also the choice of buying a pack of 10 metro tickets for 12euros. These are valid one per journey and the changes don't count at all. I thought that was convenient as they never expire either. Better that the travel cards that are on offer here right?
Do I call it lucky or unlucky, the fact my hotel was in the red light area known by the name of Pigalle (pronounced pig-ale)? Unlucky as it was filled with sex shops, parlours, cinemas and many other forms of entertainment. So quite dangerous to walk around unless your with a large group. Girls, french men are absolutely disgusting, esp from this area!!  On the other hand, it was very central so didn't take long to get to any locations. In fact I even managed to get to the new HERMEs store and back before checking out on Friday noon.

Metro ticket. its sooo tiny : )

My hotel was very easy to find thanks to the glowing building next door!

Moulin Rouge. Cabaret show min price 80 euros.

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