Monday, 13 December 2010

My first Collar

My first attempt to make a collar...pretty neat I must say.. However forgot to do the straight stitches on the outside...Surely it looks nicer plain?? Less is more?? Haha..

Dior..Issey Miyake..Yohji yamamoto..Junya Watanabe..made me go 'KAWAII' for the first time..

 Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion   is a MUST see exhibition. The simplicity of folding and draping a cloth in various ways can create masterpieces as displayed in this exhibition. GO SEE IT! only £8 at the Barbican centre, london. 

series of pleats. all done by paper.


Another inspiring exhibition worth seeing is the Dior Illustrated, RenĂ© Gruau & The Line of Beauty. My favourite illustration was for the perfume Dior-Dior, 1976 which was launched in Marrakesh. I love how the 'billowing white cotton dress enveloping the woman expresses the opulence of this perfume'.  Looks like i need to start developing my illustration skills...

Dior-Dior, 1976

Friday, 10 December 2010


My development process..from inspiration point to a design idea...

A random bush at the local park

My interpretation using ink and stick

Visualising my print


Who said frost bites??

soo pretty right?

Monday, 29 November 2010

Inspiring work by others..

Currently the theme of my work is Floral (flowers, plants and grasses). I came across these images by Pramod Tamang and found them really inspiring and thought I'd share them on here with you. the perfection of still nature captured makes me wonder whether peace is actually existent in the world. Quite ironic really if compared to reality.  

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Its been a while since i last posted something on this blog...that's mostly because geometry has been ruling my mind. For the first semester of uni (cannot believe how fast time is flying by) i have been working on a project called "SHAPES". Aim was to become inspired by the world of geometric shapes. The first shape project focused on weave and print. Not my strongest point, i must say!! I took inspiration from the fascinating architectures of London city. the process of weaving was interesting but ever SO slow and also very PAINFUL! Here are some images of the source of inspiration and the samples themselves.





Thursday, 28 October 2010

Reduced Trash

SALE, DISCOUNT, SAVE...are few of the words that are seen in many high street shops all over the country...maybe effects of recession??...however, I swear you can never find anything decent...whilst shopping for my winter wardrobe I found a simple, plain navy blue blazer. reduced from £30 to £7 in New Look. One can say its an "ever green" item so bought it without even thinking. Second thoughts hit me as soon as I left the store though... there were more then ten of the same blazer on the rack...surely I will bump into someone someday with the same blazer?? with that thought in mind I went to a local craft shop and bought 1.70metres of white ribbon (5mm wide) and then using a straight stitched it on the the edges of the collar and pockets. Can say its slightly Chanel inspired. Here are the before and after images.. 

Navy blue blazer £7 on sale @ New Look

After a slight amendment

Friday, 15 October 2010

glimpse from the past...

 I found a folder full of work from my final major project from the art foundation whilst looking through my files. With the theme of fusion fashion i created a collection of dresses inspired by the idea of wishes and barriers. i cannot find my sketch books...pretty sure my teacher still has them but here are the images of my garment from the photoshoot and also images of the fashion show us foundation students put up at the end of the year.


My garments @ alton college fashion show


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Leather Luxuries..

Hermes on the left n Mulberry on the right..items that cud easily break my balance..

I'm sure every girl dreams of having a Hermes classic hanging on her arm, if not Hermes then surely a mulberry?? not every one can afford them though..including me..there are cheaper versions out in the high street ranging in prices. However have you ever though of making your own?? its not impossible!! fake leather can be purchased in shops like fabricland, fabric warehouse, C&H fabrics. Keep your eyes open at yard sales too. you might just be lucky to find your treasure in someone's junk. A metre of fabric is more than enough, likely to cost less then ten pounds per metre. I paid 5.99 for mine. Anyway here are the pictures of the three bags i made today. They were not hard but wouldn't class them easy to make either. I found the snakeskin was a bit thin so the bag looked less structured when empty. the crocodile skin worked well as a tote and i think it will come handy as a weekend bag as it fits a lot of stuff. Enjoy browsing!!
small details make big differences...make sure to use a thick needle on the machine

this one i made using fake crocodile skin..luks hot!  

Thursday, 7 October 2010

step by step to make a snowflake...

For those of you that have never gone through a session of making paper snowflakes at primary school or youth club, here is a quick easy step by step guide!
  • cut a paper into an exact square
  • fold the square in half so that it turns into a triangle
  • fold in in half again so that you are left with an even smaller triangle. (if you think you can cut through even thicker stacks of paper then feel free to fold it again a couple of times)
  • the more folds you have the more detailed the snowflake is likely to look.
  • begin cutting into the triangle from the edges however you fancy. when you think you are done open it up and TA-DA!!
  • you have officially made your first snowflake

first post..

Having started at the Winchester school of art only last week, i think i will begin the world of blogging by posting work form induction week. Brief : create a paper dress in your groups using only paper, however you may use staples, tape and pins to hold the garment together. 
Working in a group makes me 'iffy' as its hard to get every body's idea into one garment that would essentially satisfy all. However working with people you haven't even exchanged a word with takes it to another level. Found it as a good ice breaker as i could figure who was good and who i could label as "competition" and "potential enemy". Anyway here is what our group created in the space of two working days in the studio. We worked with the idea of nature in mind. Whilst playing and experimenting with the texture and feel of the paper, we decided to make snowflakes. We developed the small snowflakes and worked at a larger scale to create the garment. Great messy fun I must say not to mention it made me feel 8yrs old again!!      


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