Thursday, 28 October 2010

Reduced Trash

SALE, DISCOUNT, SAVE...are few of the words that are seen in many high street shops all over the country...maybe effects of recession??...however, I swear you can never find anything decent...whilst shopping for my winter wardrobe I found a simple, plain navy blue blazer. reduced from £30 to £7 in New Look. One can say its an "ever green" item so bought it without even thinking. Second thoughts hit me as soon as I left the store though... there were more then ten of the same blazer on the rack...surely I will bump into someone someday with the same blazer?? with that thought in mind I went to a local craft shop and bought 1.70metres of white ribbon (5mm wide) and then using a straight stitched it on the the edges of the collar and pockets. Can say its slightly Chanel inspired. Here are the before and after images.. 

Navy blue blazer £7 on sale @ New Look

After a slight amendment

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