Sunday, 10 October 2010

Leather Luxuries..

Hermes on the left n Mulberry on the right..items that cud easily break my balance..

I'm sure every girl dreams of having a Hermes classic hanging on her arm, if not Hermes then surely a mulberry?? not every one can afford them though..including me..there are cheaper versions out in the high street ranging in prices. However have you ever though of making your own?? its not impossible!! fake leather can be purchased in shops like fabricland, fabric warehouse, C&H fabrics. Keep your eyes open at yard sales too. you might just be lucky to find your treasure in someone's junk. A metre of fabric is more than enough, likely to cost less then ten pounds per metre. I paid 5.99 for mine. Anyway here are the pictures of the three bags i made today. They were not hard but wouldn't class them easy to make either. I found the snakeskin was a bit thin so the bag looked less structured when empty. the crocodile skin worked well as a tote and i think it will come handy as a weekend bag as it fits a lot of stuff. Enjoy browsing!!
small details make big differences...make sure to use a thick needle on the machine

this one i made using fake crocodile skin..luks hot!  

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