Sunday, 29 May 2011

Old dust mask came handy

Look a mess but had a dizzy day of dying all sorts in the dye lab. Figured out that disperse dyes are the most effective as they work well with synthetic fabrics.
3m of polyester chiffon. Had to cook it in a huge pot for 45mins. A work out as it had to be stirred throughout the whole 45 minutes.
Poppers (Nylon) I dyed for my 3rd yr buddy Rosie for her final collection.
Lace trimming for Kim's collection.
These came slightly different to what I was expecting but was nice overall. For Kim's collection.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Man off my dreams is in London till Thursday 26th may. Feel like making a trip and setting camp in green park to catch a glimpse. Image from PBS Newshour.

The Obamas with the Queen and Prince Phillip. I'm not the biggest fan of her outfit today. It isn't as flattering as the Marc Jacobs dress she was in yesterday. I think she looks slightly frumpy in the Barbara Tfank dress especially in the image below. Image from Mrs O's webpage.

Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton with Mrs O. in a neat Reiss dress. Is it just me or does she look almost too perfect? Looking forward to see the images from tonight's Royal ball now! Image from

Mannequins of a kind

Unique mannequin store I came across few months ago but cannot remember where it was... :(
Found these images and thought to share it here.
Classic couture
I was amazed by the crafted structure of these mannequins..they come in all shapes and sizes.
Prints on the body.
More basics with functional arms, reminded me of the mini drawing mannequins. very cute.

Funky male bods.

There were more crazy ones but couldn't beat these I guess.

My favourite, however not sure how practical it really is with all the fragments. If I was to purchase one, I wouldn't really want to prick a thousand pins into it.

Monday, 23 May 2011

more picks from WSA'11 show

Sophie and other 3rd yrs dishing out nipple tapes and stick-on cups for the models...yes I saw a lot more then what I had signed up for on the day.. haha..

My lovely model Beth who I dressed standing on a chair.

After makeup and hair, Johnny went straight for the food..pig.

collection from an afternoon show...very much reminded me of Damir Doma with the slight draping action..

'crimped' model in Kim's outfit
Loved the bag most from this collection as the LED lights can be switched on and off
Cel's model. Whilst dressing, I found out there can be different types of bossy people. There are those who shout, swear and take control in order to make sure everything runs swiftly. On the other hand, I came across a girl who seemed to be a know it all however when it came to the practical side she was almost useless. haha why am I writing this here?? because she very much annoyed me the whole day and happens to be captured in the background of this image. : )
Beth in nipple tapes and Sophie's outfit one. Love the perspex head wear and accessories she got made for the collection.

I was quick enough to snap these two but wish there was more time in between change overs. Knitwear collection - particularly amazed by the fragile gown on the left. Was breathtaking however the model felt pretty much all out there haha.  
Another outfit from the same collection which reminded me very much of Mark Fast and his garments. Most possibly inspired this designer too.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Images of footwear I saw on the day and very much loved, most form high street shops, Aldo and Topshop being the most popular. More pictures to follow on the next post update. 

Backstage at WSA graduate fashion show

After hand-in last Friday, I've been occupied with helping out my 3rd yr buddies, who were all making/finishing garments for the fashion show which took place on the 19th May at the Great Hall in Winchester. The story lies in the images. Enjoy!

View from the dressing room

Inside the Great Hall early morning of the show.

Two flight of stairs we carried everything up to get to the dressing room. Same two flights of stairs that the poor models had to trek in there 4inch heels.

Goodie bag filled with items below...

Hair products sent by KMS one of the sponsors...

...along with soap, cereal, health bars...and many more..

My rail for the first show, gawking at the huge shoes.

Had a hard time getting my model into this outfit under 3 minutes

Kim's headpiece and leather top.

Kim's headpiece about to hit the runway.

Show opener Nadine's white geometric collection - two of the six outfits. 


Haven't been able to update much the past few weeks as I've been working towards my final deadline and helping out with 3rd year final students at the same time. This is what I designed and made for the menswear project that I blogged about. Took a few days to construct and found a look alike to shoot it on. I was inspired structure and drape.    


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