Saturday, 21 May 2011

Backstage at WSA graduate fashion show

After hand-in last Friday, I've been occupied with helping out my 3rd yr buddies, who were all making/finishing garments for the fashion show which took place on the 19th May at the Great Hall in Winchester. The story lies in the images. Enjoy!

View from the dressing room

Inside the Great Hall early morning of the show.

Two flight of stairs we carried everything up to get to the dressing room. Same two flights of stairs that the poor models had to trek in there 4inch heels.

Goodie bag filled with items below...

Hair products sent by KMS one of the sponsors...

...along with soap, cereal, health bars...and many more..

My rail for the first show, gawking at the huge shoes.

Had a hard time getting my model into this outfit under 3 minutes

Kim's headpiece and leather top.

Kim's headpiece about to hit the runway.

Show opener Nadine's white geometric collection - two of the six outfits. 

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