Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wedding Fever

Last Friday this lucky girl's fairytale took place whilst the whole world witnessed and certainly envied. Some pictures from the big day...

Husband and Wife
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The wedding cake itself is a beauty.

Family matters

Is it just me or did Prince Harry look more dashing on the day??
Pippa Middleton looked AMAZING. Jealous.
It was lovely to spend the whole day literally GAWKING at the big screen but found Kate's dress a slight replica of Grace Kelly's.
Sarah Burton has added the McQueen touch but still...hmmmmm
On the topic of Grace Kelly, LOVED this outfit worn by the future Princess of Monaco (assuming they will tie the knot soon). 
On the other hand what the hell were these two thinking?? 
Love the valentino jacket but what happened to the head wear??
Any one else reminded of the two ugly sister from the old tale of Cinderella!?
Haha found this on google images today and couldn't help but re-post it.

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