Thursday, 23 February 2012


Began working on the new project properly since Tuesday that just passed and I've never found it so difficult or struggled to explain my concept. The brief outlines that work must be inspired by primary research from a museum exhibit, a gallery or culture.

After visiting a few exhibits in January it feels unnecessary to travel to London as I already have enough resources to reference to. This project is inspired by 'Frontline: A Year of Journalism & Conflict' exhibit which I saw back in late January. My aim is to focus on the physical part but the mental side of conflict. The effects it causes one to suffer may it be temporary or permanent. How exactly am I going to portray it? Well I'm working on it now.

Below are a few images of objects that came to aid whilst trying to portray the concept.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jersey Project

Last three weeks I've been occupied by a Jersey project which limited the use of fabrics to only knitted. 'Make a Change' was the theme so I decided to base the project on something other then recycling, something I felt more passionate about. Religion and Politics.

Looking into conflicts and disturbance across the world I slowly began to realise that religion is not the main cause. Its ego that a being holds within themselves which causes conflict. After a few readings of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi I understood the concept of Sufism straight away. Being an atheist myself, I began to practise Sufism for a few days to experience it for myself and now I couldn't agree with their preaching more. 

Back to the project, we were briefed to come up with one outfit all in knitted fabric so I took my inspiration from a Bollywood movie Jodha Akhbar and Sufism and it's preachings. My design consisted of two layers.

Layer 1 - Green jersey and black tulle cape dress to portray the restriction ego in a person causes. 

Layer 2 - Yellow silk jersey dress that signifies freedom from everything including yourself.     

These three images are my personal favourite from the shoot but weren't the chosen ones for my submission. The ones below were.

For me this was more then a project. I finally found peace and my mind is now in pace with everything going on in my life. Thank you Jess for being an awesome model!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Things Red

It's Valentines day again and I spent it with my lovely mannequin in the studio as every other day. Hope you had a better day then mine. Seeing as it's a 'red' day here are some personal pictures I have not posted yet, as you can see all red bar the finale.  

If this was the staircase to heaven or any place above earth I would run faster then Usain Bolt himself as there is no where I'd rather wish to be currently.

However it was only an installation. Very amazing one though at the Tate Modern.

If I die can you please create something like this for me? It doesn't need to be as large.

Delicate pins pierce the coated paper. Must be a soothing experience as wrong as that sounds. Satisfying pain would be the description.

 Very much loved up chair in my view. What do you see?

Monday, 13 February 2012


Today was a complete waste all thanks to my dentist who decided to inform my appointment was cancelled completely last minute! Spent the morning in the studio completing 'bits & bobs'. Then in the afternoon sketched away to fill up the untouched sketchbook whilst surfing the world wide web to catch up on whatever I was missing out.
I don't think it is possible any more for me to avoid  opening Adobe Illustrator and starting my technical drawings as Friday is only days away.

However here are some of the latest images of Joan Smalls in campaigns and runways I saw today. Only happens to be my favourite model :)

From various sources.

Chanel SS 12

Lust List

Wild Things:Douglas Perrett

Jason Wu F/W SS12

Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Prabal Gurung RTW Fall 2012

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tilda Swinton: Baftas NOW

I'm watching the Baftas and Tilda Swinton never fails to impress!! In Céline .


In a week I have managed to drain myself to the point I'm using tiger balm oil to fix my back. Something older Asians tend to use for those not aware of the magical substance. Week began last Sunday at a Nepali wedding which felt awkward as I didn't know the couple personally. i.e. all guests were strangers bar a few, hence no crazy dancing that I normally do :(

I've been living in the studio literally everyday early morning till late afternoon/evening working on my final pieces for the 3 week jersey project. Surely one would assume life gets easier but it seems to be worse! High expectations form everyone in a very short time frame, feels like depression but only worse! It should be over this week as my presentation is on Friday :)

Week ended last night perfectly at a close friend's place for her early 21st celebrations. I wish I could cook like her mother. Emma your dishes were truly wonderful!! Apart from the shockingly pricey flower arrangements and a iPhone 'plopping' into the toilet (luckily before use and not mine thank god)everything went smoothly.

I've been thinking of buying this clutch, H&M ss12 but I think I'll buy it in black as the coming days are all about pastels. Black should remain a classic peice to go with every season no matter what the colour pallete is.

A mixture of old with new is what makes contemporary. My outfit for the Nepali wedding consisted of a bright orange (currently in love with this colour) sari worn with my mother's blouse form over 20 years ago!

My sister and a friend of ours were both in classic silk prints. I love this picture -__-  It makes a difference to see some natural smiles.

After a very filling dinner :)

Deserts :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Walking along the southbank everyday was fun but COLD! I went for a quick visit to the Tate Modern to see if I could see any inspiring 'art'. I didn't find much inspiration for my new project, however walked into a shop called Joy  which had reasonable clothing but amazing accessories. lots of gold, beige and nude metals. There isn't much online but if you live nearby or happen to be in the area I'd recommend you to go!!

Reminded me of our school visits, shame I don't have the chance to meet up with everyone anymore but one day I shall drag them all back to the Tate.

For me this was a work of art. Everything was clashing but she wore it with confidence and pulled it off.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Somerset House: Exhibits

I went along to Somerset House last week to see two exhibitions during another lunch break. First I saw the 20 Years of Dazed & Confused Magazine, Making It Up As We Go Along later followed on by the Frontline: A Year of Journalism & Conflict. The second one was very disturbing as it was based on all the riots that took place one by one all over the world.

Frontline: A Year of Journalism & Conflict


As I walked back to BFI Southbank it was pretty dark even though it was only 4pm!!


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