Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jersey Project

Last three weeks I've been occupied by a Jersey project which limited the use of fabrics to only knitted. 'Make a Change' was the theme so I decided to base the project on something other then recycling, something I felt more passionate about. Religion and Politics.

Looking into conflicts and disturbance across the world I slowly began to realise that religion is not the main cause. Its ego that a being holds within themselves which causes conflict. After a few readings of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi I understood the concept of Sufism straight away. Being an atheist myself, I began to practise Sufism for a few days to experience it for myself and now I couldn't agree with their preaching more. 

Back to the project, we were briefed to come up with one outfit all in knitted fabric so I took my inspiration from a Bollywood movie Jodha Akhbar and Sufism and it's preachings. My design consisted of two layers.

Layer 1 - Green jersey and black tulle cape dress to portray the restriction ego in a person causes. 

Layer 2 - Yellow silk jersey dress that signifies freedom from everything including yourself.     

These three images are my personal favourite from the shoot but weren't the chosen ones for my submission. The ones below were.

For me this was more then a project. I finally found peace and my mind is now in pace with everything going on in my life. Thank you Jess for being an awesome model!

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