Sunday, 12 February 2012


In a week I have managed to drain myself to the point I'm using tiger balm oil to fix my back. Something older Asians tend to use for those not aware of the magical substance. Week began last Sunday at a Nepali wedding which felt awkward as I didn't know the couple personally. i.e. all guests were strangers bar a few, hence no crazy dancing that I normally do :(

I've been living in the studio literally everyday early morning till late afternoon/evening working on my final pieces for the 3 week jersey project. Surely one would assume life gets easier but it seems to be worse! High expectations form everyone in a very short time frame, feels like depression but only worse! It should be over this week as my presentation is on Friday :)

Week ended last night perfectly at a close friend's place for her early 21st celebrations. I wish I could cook like her mother. Emma your dishes were truly wonderful!! Apart from the shockingly pricey flower arrangements and a iPhone 'plopping' into the toilet (luckily before use and not mine thank god)everything went smoothly.

I've been thinking of buying this clutch, H&M ss12 but I think I'll buy it in black as the coming days are all about pastels. Black should remain a classic peice to go with every season no matter what the colour pallete is.

A mixture of old with new is what makes contemporary. My outfit for the Nepali wedding consisted of a bright orange (currently in love with this colour) sari worn with my mother's blouse form over 20 years ago!

My sister and a friend of ours were both in classic silk prints. I love this picture -__-  It makes a difference to see some natural smiles.

After a very filling dinner :)

Deserts :)

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