Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Things Red

It's Valentines day again and I spent it with my lovely mannequin in the studio as every other day. Hope you had a better day then mine. Seeing as it's a 'red' day here are some personal pictures I have not posted yet, as you can see all red bar the finale.  

If this was the staircase to heaven or any place above earth I would run faster then Usain Bolt himself as there is no where I'd rather wish to be currently.

However it was only an installation. Very amazing one though at the Tate Modern.

If I die can you please create something like this for me? It doesn't need to be as large.

Delicate pins pierce the coated paper. Must be a soothing experience as wrong as that sounds. Satisfying pain would be the description.

 Very much loved up chair in my view. What do you see?

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