Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mcfly Mcfly Mcfly

Remember the days when it was all about teen boy bands. Infact do you remember there was just two popular ones. Busted and Mcfly. My opinion: both were just as bad as each other. Mcfly had only one advantage though. I did have a huge crush on Harry Judd (drummer). 
I took the euro star to Paris from London St Pancras and heard some girls giggling and murmuring about Mcfly being on the platform opposiste. Me being the loud mouth, had to state how crap they were, along with Busted. I said a good few sentences to declare my strong feelings to my girlfriends, especially Maricel as she wasn't familiar with them at all. After the first loud 10 minutes on the euro star I began to feel very sorry for the quiet shy guy sat on the window seat next to me. I mean, surely it cannot get any worse than having to sit next to 3 giggly girls who talk non stop about food, make up, clothes and complain all the time?? 
I started talking to him in a civilised manner, and asked him why he was heading to Paris. Only to have him turn around and say "Well, I work for the so called band McFly that you seem to dislike. Will surely pass on the kind feedback." First time in life, I felt soo much EMBARRASSMENT!! OMG haha
He then told us they were on the same train and that we should go meet them. So guess what?? I met them. Main aim was to get a picture of just Harry and I and well here it is.     

Dougie, myself, Harry and Jam

With Maricel



  1. Never heard of either bands. Now that you are of the opinion that they compete below par, I wouldn't rue for not knowing 'em. :)You must have chuffed to meet Harry notwithstanding. He's got a modest look. What's with the expression of Dougie? Is he envious or sth? :)

  2. haha these bands, i only know cuz they were very 'in' back when i was a sweet teen in 2003 ish! haha listen to shine a light by mcfly thats their only good song. i wasnt chuffed to begin with but then i rememberd how much i used to like harry when i was 11 or 12 lol. dougie is jus dougie i guess :) x



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