Saturday, 14 January 2012

Corpse Bride: Final Outfit

Semester one is officially over once I hand this project in coming Thursday. It took almost two hours to capture the perfect picture and an ironic fact : simple poses always work far better for some reason. Whole theme of the project was liberation so I was going for an airy look. The silk chiffon I'm using is from Goldhawk road. It looks very delicate and is divine on the skin. 
My final outfit consisted of two garments and one accessory. It was an avant-garde project which I'm not totally comfortable with so I decided to play with textures and fabric manipulation a bit more to see what I could achieve.

The pleating was time consuming so in future I think I will send it of to be pleated rather then steaming my face for over an hour. It was also very complicated to match up the seams on both sides especially with the zip too. However the worst section was the shoulders which took me more then two days to line up. Mostly because it was one piece of fabric which had to be forced into awkward angles. Overall I'm happy with the outcome and finally felt relief on Thursday morning once my critical review was over.

Next project is all about CHANGE. Have absolutely no idea what to do so need to switch to 'thinking' mode and come up with an inspiring idea.

Thank You Lorna for coming all the way from Bournemouth, much love x 

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