Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gabriel's Wharf

Last week I travelled to London everyday as I was working at the BFI Southbank (samsung digital art exhibition) for a week. It was fun, inspiring but very tiring!! During my short lunch breaks I decided to explore southbank a bit more so I took walks to see what there was to see. 

In this particular shop you can actually watch the designers at work and see the jewellery being made as they have a workspace inside.

This is part of the OXO Tower building which is filled with design studios, project space, gallery and plenty of paces to dine. Its a great place for unique contemporary pieces may it be jewellery or furbishing. However the best part is the restaurant and the viewing gallery on the top floor that lets you over look the Thames.  

In the balcony of the top floor...This place must be packed in the summer no doubt

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