Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Project

Went shopping with my mother and darling sisters after a long time today. Things weren't great to begin with as we were stuck in a major traffic jam due to roadworks i.e. journey of 15mins took an hour.

I picked up a high street bargain yet again... £15 on sale at New Look. Every detail on these shoes have typical High Street literally all over it however I still bought it with something else in mind.

Leftover vodka, fine sand paper, crappy old brush and a tube of black acrylic paint worked magic in the afternoon.

I painted it all one colour which got rid of the tacky partition it had on the wedges. High street Upgrade at no cost.

Nice and neat. My hands were a different story though.

Easy task done under an hour as the paint dries fairly quickly. Make sure to do at least two coats for longer, better lasting results!

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