Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mighty Flash of inspiriation: Wayne Hemingway

Finished work around seven last night then popped into nice dress and did a quick fix in fifteen minutes to get going to the event. Luckily it was in the same building so didn't have to go too far.

I didn't know what to expect nevertheless felt excited by the commotion of the crowd present there. I only got one ticket meaning I didn't know anyone (otherwise Gayle I would have asked you to accompany me). As always, got talking with a few and met a lovely aspiring journalist who is also helping out with the Winchester fashion week.

The room was not small but cosy and when He began talking I was hooked on to every word. I wish I could share the experience with you all but I just can't describe it. You kind of had to be there to understand.

His talk was the launch of the whole fashion week event and I must say it was a success! Have high hopes for the coming week now and I'm sure all those designers, artists, photographers, journalists and other creative people who sat in the room would agree too.

Must say I was a tired but very inspired girl by the time I crawled into bed.

For those who have no idea who he is, He made it as a designer, architect and organised the Vintage festival last year.

He began from the very beginning. Why he owns vintage...well he was the first to sell and make big money back in the days.
Erm haha I was slightly too happy...a picture with the political designer.

Lovely head wear (can't remember the name of the designer) and dresses were by Mark Fast. Oh yes he is part of the event too. His garments will be present at the fashion show and the pop-up shops in the Brooks shopping centre.

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