Friday, 9 September 2011

Up in the air...

Last weekend was a brilliant ending to summer 2011. We went along to the camp my father is currently based at and got to experience a ride up in the air in a military aircraft.

Apache in action. Image from NATO. I got the chance to sit on the 'gunner point' and hear a brief talk on how and why things operate the way they do. Utterly amazed that none of the buttons have labels but are all of different shapes and sizes.

Hydra Rocket Launcher up close. So pretty in a weird way.

Sister on the other end :)
Mum, sisters and I got the chance to fly on Lynx and enjoy the view of Stockbridge and Andover. Thanks Dad!

Yes I would very much like to have my own tennis court and swimming pool! Not that I would use it everyday but still...haha.

Stream-like river
If only it smelt a little nicer, Agriculture.


Pilots at the front, both highly amused by my little sister's laughter.

Back on land. Thanks again Dad from us all :) x

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