Monday, 26 March 2012

Absence of the Mind

Delirium was the main focus on my project that just ended but actually never seems to end. Only have another so many illustrations to do and finish off the garment. The video above is a short animation which I have tried to portray the disturbance of purity in the mind by a physical conflict.

Week before week, I assume my body just gave up and crashed last Friday form pressure of uni work and my job. Quite ironic that I was bed ridden for the week of my Easter break. Feeling fresher now and really enjoying the sunshine. Hope you all are well too.

I've been wearing skirts a lot lately because of the found comfort of jersey.

Finally these sandals have been liberated from the shoe rack. The pastels were from last season Kurt Geiger whereas the black pair are form current spring season at H&M.  

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