Sunday, 23 October 2011

SAVE Goldhawk Road!!!

Goldhawk road has a handful of large fabric stores where you can find anything and everything. Designers, students and pretty much anyone else end up along that road hunting for their perfect fabrics. I went along yesterday and was informed that the council wishes to demolish all the shops there to make over 200 private homes!!

Seriously? What is the council thinking? If that road closes down then the whole of west end will die!

Please sign the petition and support as it would be a HUGE LOSS if demolition does actually take place.

Back to my visit, here is what I got yesterday for my current menswear project. I shall upload rest of the photos on the next post with the fabric samples. Enjoy x 

Cover buttons from the market at Goldhawk Road. Great if you want to make your own buttons!

Poppers all for £1 :)
Magnetic fastening from McCullough and Wallis. £6 each. Perfect for a neat contemporary finish to garments and accessories.
Anyone looking for a job?

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