Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Creative Advertising

OK I realised the last time I posted was more than 3 weeks ago so here is a short one just for the record that I am actually alive. Since my fabric hunt in London I've been pattern cutting, making toiles and repeating the process a zillion times to get the perfect jacket for the current menswear project (which I'm eager to post here but will have to wait as I have no time). I've finally completed the jacket however the lining process awaits. Major crit tomorrow so mega stressed out as I want to complete everything within the time limit. It's surprising how all of a sudden everything feels ever so intense but I'm really enjoying it so won't be complaining. Also everyone in the studios look like zombies. My friend and I have also given up on the pact we made to dress 'well' at least once a week. Cannot wait for life to get to normal pace next week even if its only for a short period.

In between depressing lectures and stressy studio times we all manage to laugh at something or another. Yesterday it was this pen. Great way to advertise in my opinion!

extra large pills from the dental practice belonging to Cel :)
Opens out to be a handy pen. ha ha ha

In between breaks I found time to paint my nails in Barry M metallic silver, reminds me of robots and dustbins. Random.

Going back to my technical drawings now :( got till tomorrow to complete. Will try to post more often as soon as tomorrow is over.

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