Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I have no life. Its our formative feedback week and whilst others take time out I'm stuck at home glued onto Illustrator. Experiencing whole body ache due to sitting down for long periods staring at the computer. Hard not to get distracted but finally finished all 8. It took forever mostly because it was my first time. Just wanted to experiment and see whether digital is better then normal but now I can't decide because they are both bloody time consuming and the result isn't exactly amazing.

Avant Garde project- Brief is to base the collection on any movie/s. Watched a few movies and chose to base it on the Corpse Bride. Have any of you watched 'Death in Venice'? I tried, but fell asleep even though all the costumes were so beautiful.

Stuck. Watched the movie twice and took video stills but now don't know where to begin.

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