Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Finally I got the chance to go to London and meet him in person. Didn't know what to expect but over all I am very pleased with the meeting. Two inspiring people in one day was ermmm whats the word.... lets say 'aroused' a lot of excitment as I literally couldn't stop smiling. Along with Max, I met Sustika Limbu who is a film student form London (wearing the most amazing coat with raglan sleeves! it looked unusually attractive for womenswear!!). We got talking and Max explained the concept of his upcoming project for the Parcha Exhibition which was ever so captivating. Now feeling a bit gutted I can't make it this coming weekend to see the whole thing as I've already agreed to attend a winter ball at Middle Wallop.

Accessory based on the muse. PVC and cross stitch fabric backpack with magnetic fastenings.

PCV structure on top a collar less blazer. Classic with a modern twist.  

At shepard's bush. I made a shirt for him but forgot to take a picture before handing it over so I guess will have to wait until he uploads it on his lookbook or blog :)

She is the one with the amazing coat. I'd love to show her my collection of silk and cotton scarves!
                   Sustika hopefully next time? x

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