Monday, 31 January 2011

1st day of the 2nd semster

First day back at university today after a while. Feeling tired from the little amount of walking around the corridors and studios. New project brief was handed down to us today, new task being make a pair of trousers based/inspired by a decade or culture. Ideas flew into my head as soon as i read the words, however lets see what type of influences touches me next week in PARIS!

Today, I shocked myself. Never in my life have I felt so active and motivated to start on a project. Haha shows how dead my brain was going on assessment leave. I'm working on organizing myself and being more time efficient. Took the first steps and bought a locker to help me out. Here are two images from today I felt like sharing with you all for different reasons.

Walking through the school of art is like playing spot the 'label'

My new locker that filled up within minutes of receiving the key

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