Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Growing world of fashion in Nepal

Tenzin Bhutia's Designs on Mega Model 2
(similar to project catwalk UK)
 After the rise of PG aka Prabal Gurung, i saw a flicker of hope for fashionistas in Nepal. There are a few fashion houses, which to tell you the truth took me by surprise as most Nepalese people I have come across only have open eyes and ears for business and who could forget..nursing? Bhutia came to rise after taking part in Mega Model, which is a show aired in India very much similar to Project Catwalk. Bhutia took up the fashion pathway at NIFT Bangalore and currently works for Himalayan Couture in the heart of Kathmandu. 
Other projects include a collection for the Nepalese candidate, Sahana Bajracharya, for Miss Earth 2010. Below are some images of his creations and also from the Miss Earth collection. Very much a fan of the electric blue dress myself i must say. Love the geometric on the surface. However, taste varies form one to another. What do you think of this upcoming star?? Will do my best to keep you updated on Bhutia and future projects.

Bhutia, worn @ Miss Earth 2010


Simplicity at its best. love the neutrals 

I see cultural refrences and influences. love the headwear.  



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  1. talent has no barrier.....creativity is a gift.....just show off.....ur the champion.!



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