Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Nepali New Year

Dear bloggers all over, Happy New Year to you all. No, i'm not loosing it! It's the first day of the Nepalese calender for the year 2068. Yes 2068..haha went to a local community gathering with family and friends. Here are a few snaps.

A dear little one and I.

Maricel and I in our saris for the night. Its a bit blurry cel but I couldn't find another one of us together. :)

Pretty accessories


  1. Happy new year to u & your other half. I love your saree looking very pretty. Is Maricel nepali too? Take care best wishes from Mr & mrs gurung xxx

  2. thanks shruti. sorry for late reply been a bit caught up. hope u n pradeep had a great new yr too. hope coming days bless you with never ending joy from us xxx



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