Friday, 1 April 2011

EXIT through the gift shop.

Last night was interesting and inspiring for both my mother and I as we went to watch a documentary at the local library. The focus was on graffiti and the emerging world of street art. A Banksy creation starring Thierry Guetta, Shepard Fairy, Space Invader, Zeus and many many many more street artists not to forget Banksy himself. I would recommend everyone to watch it even if graffiti is not your style.

Graffiti is an off putting word as the first thing that links with the word is vandalism. Some say walls, bridges, building are a "poor man's canvas" however all the artists that have actually made it big are actually from decent, middle class families. So it the saying really that relevant? What struck me is even street art is turning commercial nowadays. It seems to going away from the pure self expression  that first started it off. 

Maybe art should stick to canvas as it can be kept for life as well as gaining a value. Wall art doesn't seem to have a long life span. It's there today, but what about tomorrow and the days after that? It will either be cleaned up by the local authority, or someone will work on top but if you are lucky then it remains, question in mind - how long till it will fades way? 

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