Saturday, 17 December 2011

Devil is in the Detail

Last day of term today and I manged to finish off my garments as aimed. Just got an accessory to make now so happy days. This is a snippet of the outfit. I''ll post it once every component is complete.
I pleated good 2.5 metres of fabrics myself to save money and time as the company takes at least 2 working days and a good £6 per metre. It wasn't fun steaming myself with the iron but when working under a budget there isn't much choice. I've been told I have the patience of a 'saint' by my tutor as everyone else sent theirs of to industrial pleaters. patience comes with a price.

I tried rouching on my toile and it looked nice but felt like 'too much' so I chose to work with pleats instead.
Ever since I began watching PA NAM on BBC I've been even more hooked to the minimal conservative look. Thanks for the picture Maricel :)

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