Thursday, 8 December 2011


When was the last time I had fun that came form something other then fabrics and pattern cutting? Surprise surprise I cannot recall a precise moment at all. I'm taking a 20 mins timeout from toiling my final design right now as I type so that I do actually have something to take to my tutorial tommorow. My mind is muddled/jumbled and any thing else that looks like a bad mash-up. I chose this path for myself because its the only thing that I feel passionate about and gives me pure satisfaction. However the intensity is drowning me slowly and effecting me mentally and physically. The Saturday that just passed was my best friend's birthday and it was ever so upsetting that I couldn't join her due to work and family event in the evening. Its sad to think and experience times where its absolutely impossible to pause the moments passing by no matter how much your heart wants to. Does that make sense to you or is it just me get crazier by the hour?

Anyhow I'm still alive doing what I love the most so I shall be thankful to the one above for now. Time to get back to the garment. I'll be taking aid of Disney songs to bring back happy memories so that I don't fall into darkness tonight.  

Here are a few images from saturday night's festive event...

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