Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I've been working away at the studio since last week and it's sort of depressing when you are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to be chucked out by the security at night. Ha ha ha too tired to even laugh properly. Since Monday I've managed to complete 2 toiles and the final garments but it took me forever and now I've particularly lost my appetite due to long working hours. At this precise moment I'm drawing some technical flats but thought I ought to take a break and update this page.

I spent a good half hour figuring out how to draft a pattern for a full skirt then had a sudden 'eurika' moment where I felt utterly stupid. All I had to do to make a pattern was make a big square and cut out the circumference from the centre. Can't believe I had to think about something so simple. Daft moments do happen I guess :)

This is the draping I achieved in matter of minutes using a semi-circle as a pattern.

I treated myself to Winsor & Newton palette few weeks back so looking forward to life drawing tomorrow as I feel it's the only time I can actually forget stress/pressure and relax.

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