Tuesday, 2 August 2011


It's halfway through summer and I'm sure everyone has made at least one visit to the beach by now as the sunshine doesn't really last in the UK.
Its easy for the boys in their shorts but girls tend to be a bit more aware of themselves and their appearance.
I've come to the point in life where I am comfortable with my shape and size but I still feel a bit out there in a bikini esp. in front of the parents. Or maybe that's just an Asian thing?

I made a kaftan using a beautiful old chiffon shawl and it was the perfect wear for a day out in the sun.  

Easy steps to making one for yourself:
  • Decide on the length you require and get fabric twice that length.
  • Fold in half and stitch roughly two 30-40 cm lines on each sides starting from the lower bust to the hips. Width depends on how small or large you are.
  • Cut the neckline and use bias binding on the inside to neaten off or just turn in the fabric neatly if possible.
  • Stitch the hems neatly and is ready to wear.
P.S. You can work into it using sequins/beads or anything you fancy like I've done on mine.


I worked into my using really cheap sequins and jewels to enhance the patterns.

In full action with the littlest sister...who doesn't love summer..

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