Friday, 26 August 2011

The Show II: Performers & Backstage

Many of you might have come across this video that was put together by the HAV team. It highlights the catwalks and is well constructed, on the other hand doesn't have any information for the viewer. So I've watched it through and broken it down for you.

- 0:12 - Swapnil getting a bag & body search :)
- 0:37 - Glimpse of Purnima sis!      
- 0:58 - Eve's Recycled collection
- 1:45 - Chadani's Spring Flower collection
- 3:36 - Maya's Nude Mania collection
- 4:42 - Chimmi's Collection
- 6:30 - Rashmi's Spring Floral collection
- 7:31 - Manita & Bidushi's recycled collection
- 8.11 - LOVE the long silk dress worn by Nisa as mentioned before
- 8:20 - Eshan's White collection       
- 8:57 - Sophia & Sona's Tough Girl collection
- 10:22 - Retail (I think MaxC London & another retailer which I can't seem to recall the name of. )          
- 11:42 - My Nomads and Barriers merged into one collection
- 12.39 - the whole crew onstage
- 13:51 - Lakpa and the other hairdressers of the night as mentioned
- 13:28 - one of the make-up artists
- 13.44 - Sarita sis's entrance
- 14:00 - Signature Crew themselves

Neither the video or other blog posts pay any credit to the performers as all attention is on the catwalk. Here are a few images of some of the performers Credit to my father for the photos.

Nivan Bro in the middle with his crew...

Cannot remember the name of this duet but I think it was 'rolling in the deep' - Adele.

Absolutely LOVED these guys!! Pretty much the only Nepali performance that too all classic songs that everyone in the theatre sang along to. 

Maybe another Adele. Seriously felt as if there were no other songs as that song was performed over 3 times.

Gwaky girls. Hotness with a high level of likability.

Stand up comedy by Sishir Yakthungba (limbu)

Two male models chilling backstage. Sherya Magar and B Thapa.

With B before we went on the ramp.

Eshan and B

With my lovely models, Purnima sis and Puspha. Thank you once again xxx

Towards the end of the night all the models were getting ready for the after party. This particular one caught my eye. Stunner Alert!



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