Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Show: 20th August Cornet Theatre

                     Picture HEAVY post :)

Eve – Theme : Jeans Recycle and Customize. Structures were great but I personally disliked the whole collection and felt sorry for a few of the girls that didn't fit in to the garments too well.
My father's favourite model- must say she had a nice walk.

Chandani – Flowers of Beauty. Very bright and floral but I noticed her garments weren't finished to the best she could have achieved. Was impressed by how precise she wanted every detail to be but still annoyed from the unfair rehearsal drama.

Nepali Liu Wen!!! Couldn't stop staring at her.

Maya's Nude Mania collection.

Chimmi Gurung's collection. Bright and bold blocks of colours splashed all over. An actual collection that came across as a 'collection' together.

So cute bless her. Wish she had experimented with other fabrics too as some of those garments would have looked even more stunning then they are now but overall it's very well structured. 

Last night was all capes and trails, It was appearing every time over and over again. Two garments from Roshmi's collection. Another spring floral theme to it.

Recycled fashion. Trendy and very high street. Loved the dress at the back with neat pleat detailing on the hips. Sorry couldn't get a picture backstage.

Menswear finally! Ishan's White collection. The pictures don't do the clothes any justice. Up close your eyes have too much details to soak. Was by far the best collection of the night. Looking forward to his final collection next year when he graduates.

Nomads - B in my garments. Wish I had money to accessorize as they could have all done with the type of footwear I had in mind.

This guy tried to run with the shirt (INJOKE). Haha thank you Uday for modelling.

I was invited to dress a few guest models. Behind the layers of netting is stunner Purnima Gurung (Miss HK Nepal).

As a whole, all of us wearing my garments. Menswear sounded evil to begin with but was quite fun to explore.

Kaushila in 'Tough Girl' themed collection by Sophia and Sona.

To me it signified how powerful women can be. Footwear reminded me of gladiators the movie.

One of the designers with the collection.

Hair stylists that made the night.

Us all on the stage taking the final bow. Fashion Beauty Bug and The Signature crew, proud organisers of the 'Show'

This guy I will worship from now on, Thank You for my updo. Hair was perfect all night!!

I met my besties from school after about 4 yrs last night. Sorry couldn't even sit and catch up properly. Thank you both for the love and support.

 Two beauties backstage.

GAwkY girls's mesmerising performance.

The female host. I could not help but think 'really?' to what she was wearing. Stretchy skin tight Lycra with the wrong type of underwear.

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