Friday, 5 August 2011

The Show

Events organising seems to be the new trend in the Nepalese youth culture. Back in the days when I was in sync with the Nepalese events it was mostly one man's name Sapan Rai as I remember. However nowadays there seems to be more than a handful aiming to do something 'different' yet all it turns out to be is a clubbing scene.
Whilst browsing, I came across an advert for The Show at a popular Nepalese blog and became interested straight away. It wasn't a pageant nor a beauty competition. Yes there is an after party, however I was mostly impressed by the thought behind the event. It will be a platform for all those creative minds to showcase their passion to all and bring forward hidden talents.

Come and support us on the day.

I decided to take part and got in touch about a month ago. Missed the first few rehearsals but managed to attend on Wednesday. I was surprised by the turnout as everyone seemed keen and dedicated. Also met some great characters which I must admit I'm looking forward to see again.

With some of the dancers and singer on the right. Saw some slick moves and heard a few voices that touched me inside. However there were a few acts that needed work. Also the quality of  garments were all of different levels as it seems all of us 'designers' are still in the learning process. Not going to lie but I did see some garment that made me bite my tounge. Was so hard not to comment. haha.

Better then boat shoes, belongs to Sanjog Rai.

Train ride home was the worst experience on south west trains ever!! AC wasn't working during peak hour i.e. meaning it was hotter then a sauna. imagine bio form fat business men. I decided to sit next to a fold up bike by the door as it was the only odour free area. Also didn't know it was worth more than £700.

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