Thursday, 11 August 2011

South Coast

This summer has turned out to be quite the opposite of what I was expecting it to be. Just after breaking up from uni I was complaining that I have absolutely nothing at all to do for three months now I'm finding barely any time even to pamper myself. No jokes, I am in serious need of 'me' time for simple things like neatening the worm like eyebrows and maybe just breathing and relaxing. 

Managed to escape for an afternoon to Avon beach few days back and it's possibly one of the south coast's finest.

Floral for the little one...

This house reminded me of back home in Nepal. Drove past it on the way out and now I kind of want to buy something similar later on in life.

Details like the open balcony and the shape of the windows reminded me of a typical 'newari' home in Kathmandu.  

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