Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cath Kidston goodies

Candy Flowers Saddle Bag £68

Summer Blossom Overnight Bag £65

Iconic polka dots and floral prints pretty much summarize Cath Kidston as a whole. Can get quite sickening if you look at it for too long, main reason why I avoid the Cath Kidston store in Winchester high street. Current season is filled with more bright colours and the usual pastel shades.
I'm sure Kidston will feel hacked off if she came across these fakes I saw at a market stall in Portsmouth. Same fabrics and print however without the green logo. These weekend bags were under £20 which is even cheaper that those that are found on sale.

Saddle bags up for grabs at £16 only!! Plenty of other copies too but I didn't really bother picture them all as they look very much the same.

Up close. You can see something isn't right straight away in terms of quality.

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