Saturday, 4 June 2011

Truman Brewery Show 2011 backstage images

Last Wednesday was the WSA Truman Brewery show at the Old Truman Brewery building in Brick Lane where the chosen 20 designers showcased their final collections. It was calmer then I expected backstage in the dressing room and I was very much surprised by some of the models. Having heard a mouthful about stroppy models I was curious all morning. Luckily I was dressing a very nice, down to earth model called Matta from Iceland. Everything was fine between the two of us apart from the fact I felt like an umpa lumpa next to her!! haha. Cel's model, Olivka from Poland was also a stunner and in high spirits! Enjoy the pictures, some of them aren't that great as I was literally going though the process of point and shoot to save time during each change over. We were also very amazed by one patriotic male model who had a tattoo of a leaf on his chest. Proud to be a Canadian I guess. I'll also post close ups of accessories and shoes in a different post like last time : ). Enjoy!

Last minute fixtures on Kim's shoes on the afternoon...

Sponsors of the show
The runway
VIP seats for special invites i.e. industry people, press etc

Mary Larkin's collection. Cel's favourite. Edgy yet feminine.

Our rack. colour palette is slightly brighter then the last. Crimped models for us both.
Crimps in process...

Matta my model

Olivka and Cel. such a cute photo : )

Rosie Davies' collection.

Laura Griffiths collection.

Felicity's collection. Adore her shoes, believe it or not they were tacky primark peep toes she transformed completely!

Matta in a knitwear outfit.

White collection. Won the main award, can't remember the name of the Chinese girl though.

Knitwear collection. This dress took my breath away, however very thin knit so she was all out there. Didn't like the designer, would print her name here but can't remember it. Talked down on us as if we were her slaves or something. Guess that's how ungrateful people are!!

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