Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Couture ???

Pretty right?? well that's what I thought when I opened this particular designer's album.
Haute Couture..really???  haha try not to laugh and squeal as you scroll down.

Couture, the luxury every woman dreams of... This minimalist season seems to be effecting the beauty of couture or is it just that some designers just have horrible taste?
Apart from neatly tailored shift dresses and tailored trousers haven't really seen anything that exciting for current and coming seasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of tailoring and am working towards being a more than perfect seamstress but fashion is a bit boring at the moment. Hope more exciting creations will hit the runway coming season. For now I'll leave you with breathtaking (all for the wrong reasons) images. Oh the designer is from Kuwait and her clients include Saudi Arabian PRINCESSES! Hope they got to slip into something better then these garments.

Nice bit of seam work but it just looks like a pile of nappy bags building up at a wasteland.

no comment

I can see the rainbow...see the rainbow...see the rainbow

Laser cutting is nice on the under skirt but the rest..what happened??


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