Monday, 13 June 2011

Prom season coming up...

Hope you enjoyed the post by the Guest Writer who prefers not to go public. I've been busy at home just catching up on a lot of things.

Exams are nearly over for those in schools and colleges meaning the seasons for party is here! My younger sister has her high school prom coming up in a matter of weeks. My task is to make two gowns for the night, one for her and another for her dear friend.

We went fabric shopping but couldn't find anything in the right colour so I ended up asking them to buy a lot of white fabrics. My sister is brown but not exactly the fair type so her choice of nude wasn't the greatest. Took me more then a week to talk her into choosing a different colour. As for Katie (her friend) it took less to convince her from going away from another shade of nude.

Nude is in but seriously nude for prom?? BORING. Here is what they wanted and what they actually have... only a tad bit different...

Inspiration to both came from this particular Jenny Packham's dress

Katie's final fabric after a couple of labouring hours in the dye lab

Little sister in this, my choice inspired by Lanvin ss11.

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