Thursday, 2 June 2011

day after the big show

Yesterday was the Truman show at London where chosen few showcased their portfolios and collections. I was working backstage again dressing. However this time with professional models who can be a bit of a diva apparently. Both Cel and I were blessed with nice models who were not only polite but seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. I'll upload the photos as soon as I feel energetic again. But here is how what I did today...lazy short day as we woke up in the afternoon. Thought of a quick fix and ended up making pancakes. I had mine with sugar whilst Cel chose honey. nom nom nom.. textural photos here for future referencing for myself. You may like them too. 

Egg, Flour and water. Simple mix.

After a few perfect flips. Cel I'll not be opening a restuarnt any time soon I'm sorry : )

Next post will be heavy so look out!

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